Visiting Grand Canyon, Arizona: Nature’s Paradise

People who love to explore more about nature are surely going to love the Grand Canyon. It is a beautiful gift of nature given to us. 277 Miles (446Km) Long, 18 Miles(29Km) Wide and 1 Mile(1.6Km) Deep combinations of Geologic colours and Erosional Forms decorate this Canyon. It has been a major tourist attraction in Arizona. Carved by the long Colorado River, the earth’s 2 billion years old history is exposed here.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is known or it’s overwhelming size and natural colours landscaping. It is visited by approximately 5 million people each year. The tour starts from the South Rim as it is the most accessible part of the Grand Canyon and is open in all seasons. Free Shuttle buses are there to serve but we can hire personal vehicles too. The visit to South Rim includes:

  • The Grand Canyon Village
  • Scenic Hermit Road
  • Desert View Drive

Each of the thing above has it’s own charm and serves some amazing views. Grand Canyon Village is the center of activity place were people can park their vehicle at the four large parking areas. One can get the first look of the Grand Canyon at Visitor Center/Mather Point. Their is a Market Plaza and Historic District with all the historic things that started this place.

Scenic Hemit Road, as the name suggests it’s a beautiful part of the South Rim measuring around 7 miles. The free shuttle bus services are provided to take a tour of the hermit road covering nine designated view points. These points are also connected by paved and dirt trails, if one wish to take. The Hermit Road is only accessible by the shuttle service, though in winters bicycle, foot or commercial bus is allowed.

Desert View Drive follows South Rim to about 25 miles(40km) and has few beautiful viewpoints. Moving on the way, you will see 6 Canyon viewpoints, 5 unmarket pullouts, 4 picnic spots, Tusyan Ruin and Museum. In addition to the stated things, one will also see the historic Watchtower, which is now known as the Desert View Visitor Center and bookstore, the trading post and snack bar, marketplace/general store, service station, campground, and restrooms in the Desert Service Area.

Another thing that will let you breathe high in the air is the Tuweep. It is and uncrowded rustic area that adds much value to your tour. Tuweep is 3000 Vertical feet (880m) above the Colorado river. The volcanic cinder cones and lava flows in this ancestral area. The route is difficult and demands experince and skill to reach. There are no services here, even no water.


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Download the maps provided by the NPC

Grand Canyon National Park Area Map

Download South Rim Village Transit Map

Download North Rim Overview Map

Download North Rim Detail Map

Download Desert View

Download Desert View Drive Map

Download Tuweep Bulletin


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