Visit WaterBom: Asia’s No.1 WaterPark

Rated as No.3 in the whole world and No.1 in Asia, WaterBom Bali can be called as the best water adventure place everyone would love. It is one of the oldest water park but is still rated the best due to its frequent updates of rides and attraction it incorporates. There are a lot of things it accommodates and lot of slides and adventures that you might have never wondered about, full of thrill and heart pacing rides. It would not be fair if you are visiting Bali and not WaterBom.

WaterBom Entrance

WaterBom is spread over 3.8 hectares of landscaped gardens which are lush green everywhere. Overall, the park is 68% garden giving the park a Green Flag. With all the rides and attractions, there are around 101 ways to thrill your day. Whether you want to relax or wanna have fun or rather want to have a few sips in the swim-up bar, there is everything there. It’s safe for kids and there is a dedicated portion known as ‘Funtastic Kids’. There are many rides that are simply safe for kids and they are going to love it, just stay with them always. People at WaterBom say ‘Big Fun For the Little Ones’.

WaterBom Bali Pipeline

For thrill and amazing fun, there are rides that you haven’t ever imagined of. Let’s talk about few rides here. The first one is Pipeline, elevated at a height of about 20 metres it is one of the scariest ride in the park. The pipeline is built using transy material giving a breathtaking panoramic view of the lush tropical gardens. The tube is 150 meters long and is sure to made even strong hearts beat faster. You’ll complete the ride of 150 meters in about 13.6 seconds at a speed of 60kph.


The second is Constrictor, it is the longest waterslide in the whole world. It is about 1/4km long and is an amazing fun ride.

WaterBom Bali Double Twist

Another most creative and innovative ride is Double Twist, initiated with a jaw dropping drop followed by a double loop, it is full of turns and twists with an exhilarating speed.  This ride is newly introduced in the park.

WaterBom Climax RIde

Last one we are going to talk about is Climax, which is the oldest and the scariest ride in the WaterBom. A vacuumed tube takes you to the height of 16 meters and drops straight down.

Sunken Pool Bar WaterBom
Sunken Pool Bar |WaterBom

There are lot more rides to explore more. After these rides, there are recreational places and food zones too.  The WaterBom can be called a specialist for Food lovers. There is UC Juicy Tank (Fruits and vegetable juices), Pret A Manager (Breads and sandwiches specialist with Barista Coffee choices), The Shack (To chill and relax in hammocks with a punch of Fresh Mojito’s) and Sunken Pool Bar (Fun in pool with glasses of wine). One more restaurant recently opened is Thaitalian with Thai and Italian specialties.

Few other activities include, Massage, Fish Spa Therapy, Face painting, Nail Treatment and Hair Braiding.

WaterBom is simply an amazing place that must be placed in everyone’s travel bucket list. Bali is overall a great area to explore and WaterBom adds some charm to it. To visit Bali is a chance to explore more of your life.

WaterBom Map

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