French Polynesia : The Beauty Beyond Words

French Polynesia

I had never heard about French Polynesia and it’s sub parts before I started TravelGeeky. It was just discovered while surfing through the web.These beautiful islands are located just in the middle of South America and Australian continents in the Pacific Ocean and one can just see clear water till miles.

French Polynesia is collectively a group of 118 dispersed islands which are spread over 1200 miles in the Pacific Ocean. Among these, 67 are inhabited by humans. Each island has it’s own paradise and is special in itself. The place can be simply called honeymooner’s dream as the beauty spread over these islands is beyond the description by just words.

Best Places To Discover In French Polynesia

  • Bora Bora
  • Tahiti
  • Moorea
  • Avatoru
  • Huahine
  • Papeete

Bora Bora is connected to Los Angeles (8 hours), Chile (12 Hours), NewZealand (5 Hours), Japan (11 Hours) and rest of the world through connected flights. The place has lot to discover and can be simply called as Once in a Lifetime Place. If you have discovered it, you have covered a major part of your life.

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