Mobile Spy Lens

360 Degree Spy Lens For Smartphones

Now take shots or videos of any angle you are unable to see directly. Take natural shots of people you love, spy on anything you want. This lens is especially designed to catch some fun, play pranks or more that comes to your mind. It can swivel 360 degree to take shots at any angle without having to move on the mobile. This amazing mobile spy lens can be taken … Read more

DSLR Spy Lens 2

Angle Spy Lens For DSLR Camera

Ever had a situation when you were unable to take snaps from your camera directly? There are sometimes when you have to take some spy shots, like focusing on front side and taking shots of some other side. This happens a lot on beaches (I hope you’ve got what I want to say), markets and more at public places. For this purpose, there is a camera gadget called Right Angle … Read more

FlipBac ViewFinder 2

FlipBac Camera ViewFinder Cum Screen Protector

Sometimes, it’s a must to take shots from waistline or ground level to capture the image perfectly and at that point, it becomes difficult to see the view from the viewfinder or the LCD provided. For that situation, FlipBac has introduced a ViewFinder that attaches itself to the camera LCD and allows to take the pictures from odd angles. It flexes to more that 180 degrees in both landscape and … Read more

Atongm Projector Keyboard

Projection Keyboard For Mobiles

Do you have to work on the go and you are afraid to type from mobile. Now there is a solution to this via this mini projector type keyboard. Now connect your mobile’s Bluetooth with this small device and it will project a QWERTY keyboard anywhere which can be used for typing. Isn’t it sounds great! It is a revolutionary product for those who have a habit of typing via … Read more

Pearl Charger Vanity Mirror

Compact MakeUp Mirror + Battery Charger For Her

Perfect gift for someher who loves to travel or is always out for work. This small utility works very well for girls especially who are mostly outdoors. Battery charger is now a required thing for every traveller and it’s a bonus if it does more than alone charging the battery. This USB charger cum Makeup mirror carries a 3000mAH battery which is adequate for charging normally every mobile or iPhone. … Read more

iPhone Camera Lens kit by Yopo

Yopo Lens Kit for iPhone

Now shoot like a pro with your iPhone along with the lens kit containing 4 different lens: Telephoto, wide, macro+wide and the fish-eye lens. All the lenses are for different modes like wide lens is used for capturing larger areas whereas fish-eye lens is for a rounded effect in pictures for some fun. The telephoto lens is used for capturing objects that are far away and are not visible clearly … Read more

Mini Flashlight

Mini Spotlight/Flashlight for Mobiles

See larger image URPOWER® Universal Portable Mini Led Speedlite Flash Pocket Spotlight Video Light for iPhone Samsung HTC Nokia LG iPad iPod Cell Phones and Tablets (Black) (Wireless Phone Accessory) Features:  URPOWER® portable spotlight provides the same daylight color temperature as popular professional xenon flashes, so you get natural-looking skin tones, the right depth, and soft shadows,taking photo is no longer an issue at night. Continuous LED light, no heat … Read more

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Travelling with rugged things is an advantage for us over the tours so as we can be a little careless and enjoy the time regardless of our things. There are times when the place we are visiting are rain prone or include water activities. Music is often enjoyed on vacations and having a waterproof speaker is a plus. Photive HYDRA Rugged IP66 Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a must accessory for … Read more

iMan Waterproof Mobile

iMan Waterproof Dustproof Shockproof Mobile

Outdoors can be of any type; fun on beach, underwater swimming, free falls, trekking at unusual places or anything. Mobiles, which are now our very dear pals have to be cared a lot in these outings. What if you don’t have to worry about them and stay tension free. iMan has introduced a waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof mobile for worry free outdoor activities. Now take bath at beach with your … Read more

Mobile Waterproof pouch

Touch Friendly WaterProof Mobile Pouch

Carry your mobile safely with this large friendly pouch. It supports mobiles with up to 6″ screens and is touch friendly too so the mobiles can be operated without taking them out. Leave worries for mobile and stay in fun at beaches or at water parks. Normally we have to wonder as where to leave the mobile at beaches, but now we don’t have to. Carry your mobile wherever you … Read more

Easy Selfie Lens

Selfie Lens For iPhone/Mobiles

Now take the best Selfies with this 140 degree wide angle Low Distortion Selfie lens. Just clip it on your mobile’s camera and the selfie camera is ready to take your best shots. It’s 0.4x zoom makes it perfect for taking selfies and group photos. With specialized coating, the lens reflects most of the reflections that can distort images. The lens can be clipped on most of the phone and … Read more