12V Car Food Warmer

12V Car Food Warmer/Stove

Heat your pre-cooked food or frozen readymade food on the go with this Roadpro 12V Car Food Warmer or Stove. With this handy mini gadget, you are able to enjoy warm food while traveling and that's really a great car utility. This little portable magical gadget simply connects to the 12V cigarette lighter socket mostly available in all the cars and heats the food up to 300 degrees. It takes approximately an hour … Read more


Roadpro 12V Frying Pan For Car

Ever felt to cook on the go? Isn't it a great thing that now one can even cook a few things inside the car!It's a wonderful thing that while returning home,you are frying a fish on the way and till you step into the home, the snacky is ready.  With this 12V Frying pan, one is able to do the cooking inside the car. It's a very useful thing that can be … Read more

12V Car Extension Cord

12V Extension Cord For Car

It is sometimes a need to extend the cord to operate the thing or appliance as they cannot be directly placed at the space provided nearby the 12V socket. There are appliances like oven, griller, heating rod and more that we take on picnics and outdoors. They can’t be operated inside the car and so, this extension cord’s role comes into play. It is an amazing thing among car utilities … Read more

Portable Air Conditioner

12V Portable Air Conditioner

For campers this air-conditioner can be a blessing if they are travelling in humid climates. The camps are simply made of plastic or polyester sheets which at max can reflect the sunlight. If the temperatures are high at night, one would simply be not able to take rest which result in dull camping activities. Sleep deprived camping can be boring, dull and moreover a failure. If you have some budget, … Read more

RearView Android Mirror with DVR

Rearview Mirror With Rear/Front Camera+ Navigation+ Android

Replace your old rear-view mirror with this high end gadget that includes rear camera, front camera, Google map navigation with android interface. It uses 3G network for Google Navigation system. With the help of Android, new apps can be easily installed for adding more features. Along with the above features, it also has Bluetooth handsfree functionality so no need to have another gadget for that. The mirror has a 5 … Read more


Coin Holder For Cars

Flaunt of your friends or colleagues by presetting your car with systematic car accessories that makes drive a charm. For $4, this is not going to harm your pocket and is a useful accessory as somewhere in driving, we do need coins and the coins hurt in wallets. keeping them arranged in car helps us stay away from few time consuming situations. It is small and can be put anywhere … Read more

Sunglasses Holder for Car

Twin Sunglasses Holder For Car

Sunglasses easily get scratched in cars with jerks and all until the car has proper sunglasses holder. Even we are too lazy too put the glasses into their covers so that they remain safe, but that’s now a habit. For these small problem, their is a small utility; the mini sunglasses holder. It can be stuck almost anywhere in the car with it’s provided clips and it can easily hold … Read more

Fix A Flat Tire (Large)

Fix A Flat Tire (Large) With A Button

Ever stuck on the highway with a flat tire? It’s a big havoc having a flat tire in the mid way and no mechanics around. What’s more dangerous is not having a spare tire at that time. This Fix A Flat tire inflater works like magic. With a push of a button, this genius sends the sealant and air into the tire and re-inflates a large tire in an average … Read more

Premium Heated Seat Kits

Heated Seats Add On For Winter Drivers

What would be more comfortable other than getting heat on the body in shivering colds in your koo koo car. Making your body comfortable in a non-comfortable zone is one most desirable feeling of anyone. If your car is not having heated seats feature, than don’t feel upset about it. It is merely a $79 equipment that will let you have that luxury feature and that to without being cumbersome … Read more

Fix A Flat Inflator

Fix A Flat Tire In Seconds By Fix-A-Flat Inflator

Now fix a flat tire in seconds by this magical Fix-A-Flat tire inflator. Just connect the the aerosol to the inflated tire, inflate and you are done. Nothing more to do. It’s a complete peace of mind thing for cars at outdoors. The product is Tire Sensor safe contains non-inflammable formula. This product is for use with small sized cars with small tires. To use it with bigger tires, buy … Read more