BackPack Cum Suitcase by Eagle Creek

Most of the times we need to carry two packages on the tour. What if you need to carry only one and it solves the purpose of two. This ‘Eagle Creek Travel Gear Tandem Warrior’ Bag fits the Backpack at the top of it along with providing a centre handle for lifting the bag easily. The bag also comes with wheels to ease the travelling. The zips, fabric and locks are sturdy enough for any purpose. 

Eagle Creek Tandem Warrior

Eagle Creek has been a known brand from since 1975 for it’s quality travel bags. The brand has provided many innovative items in its span.

Eagle Creek Tandem Warrior Blue

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Eagle Creek Travel Gear Tandem Warrior 22 (Accessory)


  • Detachable gear bag and ultra-light main
  • Patented morphus technology creates a second full-size bag
  • Patent pending hinged foot provides stability on the move and easy collapsibility for storage efficiency
  • Storable equipment keeper holds gear on bag by using the porter key bottle opener attachment
  • Durable and versatile

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