360 Degree Spy Lens For Smartphones

Now take shots or videos of any angle you are unable to see directly. Take natural shots of people you love, spy on anything you want. This lens is especially designed to catch some fun, play pranks or more that comes to your mind. It can swivel 360 degree to take shots at any angle without having to move on the mobile.

Mobile Spy Lens

This amazing mobile spy lens can be taken anywhere during travel. It can simply sit in your pocket and you don’t even have to wrap it in your travel backpacking. The lens is made up of high grade materials that doesn’t affects your photography. The lens simply attaches itself through the sticky magnetic ring that doesn’t harms your phone. Just stick the magnetic ring to your phone and you are ready to use the lens.

The body of lens is constructed using aluminium and the optics are of high grade material. Extra magnetic rings are provided as it is a natural human tendency to loose the small things in some situations. Mobile spy lens is simply fantastic to have in your things to take on your next travel.

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SPY LENS – Works with all Smartphones (Electronics)


  • **HOLIDAY DEAL** – Turn your Phone into a Periscope. Have you always wanted to take photos around the corner like a real spy? This high quality spy lens is specially designed to increase the fun, functionality, and versatility of your Phone camera. Innovative design lens with magnetic ring allow instant application
  • TAKE IMPOSSIBLE AND CANDID SHOTS – Swivels 360° to let you shoot from any angle Get candid shots by shooting on the sly High quality optics preserve photo quality Works great with all phone models Lens attaches by strong magnetic ring that won’t harm your phone
  • VERY EASY TO USE – The use is so simple, just have the sticky metal ring on your phone, then whenever you want to use the periscope, just put it on the sticky metal ring, then you can have a periscope lens for your camera phone! No need to install any software (apps) or any mechanical installation.
  • COOL TECH GADGETS – this spy gear camera is an epic little addition to your kit bag and turns your smartphone into a versatile shot monster. Now you can grab those low skateboards follows and above the head concert shots like a pro. Without blinking an eye. Grab one of these little spy lenses and see the difference overnight.

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