12V Smart Car Pot For Heating Beverages

It would be a pleasure to be served with warm liquids during winters at outdoors. This Smart Car Pot is a great thing to carry in your travel packing, or rather it should be placed directly inside your car as it is a great car utility if you travel a lot.

12V Smart Car Pot

Warm water, beverages, soup or anything you can think of. This 12V Car pot simply does it’s jobs in minutes and requires just a power of 12V. It plugs directly into the 12V car socket and it’s done. There is an on/off switch provided at front and there is an automatic shut off system too which prevents the things from overheating making the pot a safe gadget to use. It doesn’t heats rapidly like the grill or sort off, but does it’s job perfectly if you have some time. The power cord is 4.5 foot which is rather not too long nor short. If you need, you can buy an 12V extension cord for a few bucks.

RoadPro 5027S Black Automotive Accessories (Automotive)


  • Plugs directly into lighter/power socket
  • 4.5 foot power cord
  • Slim, space-saving design with clear pitcher
  • Automatic shut-off
  • The product MUST be placed properly over the base for it to work

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