12V Extension Cord For Car

It is sometimes a need to extend the cord to operate the thing or appliance as they cannot be directly placed at the space provided nearby the 12V socket. There are appliances like oven, griller, heating rod and more that we take on picnics and outdoors. They can’t be operated inside the car and so, this extension cord’s role comes into play. It is an amazing thing among car utilities and should come as a standard in my opinion.

12V Car Extension Cord

This 12V extension cord simply plugs into the cigarette lighter and extends the socket for upto 12 foot. At the end, there is again the same 12V Socket/lighter that can be hooked on to many 12V devices.

On a price of $6, it is a must in the travel packing list for those who love to do outdoors on cars.

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EPAuto 12V 12′ Foot Heavy Duty Extension Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug Socket (Electronics)


  • Plug directly into Cigarette Lighter Socket. One Male plug to one Female socket
  • Bring Power to your Cooking appliances, Lights, Cell Phone, Tablet, and other appliances
  • Extends 12V Power Source From Your Car
  • 12 Foot High Quality UL Listed Cord (16 AWG)
  • 15A Safety fuse protects your appliances

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