12V Car Food Warmer/Stove

Heat your pre-cooked food or frozen readymade food on the go with this Roadpro 12V Car Food Warmer or Stove. With this handy mini gadget, you are able to enjoy warm food while traveling and that's really a great car utility.

12V Car Food Warmer

This little portable magical gadget simply connects to the 12V cigarette lighter socket mostly available in all the cars and heats the food up to 300 degrees. It takes approximately an hour to warm the food but it's good if you are out of the reach to warm your food, especially during camps or long journeys. Simply put the food into the stove an hour before you plan to eat and it's done. It takes time, but plan it wisely and it's really a useful thing.

12V Car Food Warmer/Stove

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RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove, Black (Automotive)


  • Handy 12-volt portable stove
  • Warms food to 300 degrees
  • Can be used to heat most kinds of pre-cooked food
  • Plugs into most 12V lighter-type sockets
  • Ideal for stews, beans, chops, rice meals, hot dishes/goulash and more

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