Wallet Ninja Pro, Credit Card Size Tool Kit

Can be called as World’s smallest Multi-Utility Tool Kit. This small credit card size Travel Equipment simply fits in your wallet and is ready for use in any situation. Providing 26 uses, it is one of the most powerful tool available in the market. Wrenches, Scale, Drill Bit Guides, Bottle Opener, Nail Puller etc are few of its uses. What else, this travel gear comes with a Lifetime Warranty for Rusting, Bending or getting Dull.

Wallet Ninja Pro Multipurpose Tool

The Wallet Ninja Pro is a must have for every wallet as panic situations don’t come with a warning.

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Wallet Ninja PRO – Credit Card Sized Measuring Tool

Features: World’s First 100% Flat Multi tool (26 in 1) for PROs, Lifetime Guarantee to Never Rust, Bend, or Dull, Perfect for Trade Pros such as: Contractors, Carpenters, Electricians, & Plumbers, Fits in your wallet

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