Twin Sunglasses Holder For Car

Sunglasses easily get scratched in cars with jerks and all until the car has proper sunglasses holder. Even we are too lazy too put the glasses into their covers so that they remain safe, but that’s now a habit. For these small problem, their is a small utility; the mini sunglasses holder. It can be stuck almost anywhere in the car with it’s provided clips and it can easily hold two pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses Holder for Car

Keep them safe as they are also keeping your eyes safe.

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Double Sunglasses-Glasses Holder for Sun Visor / Air Vent — Conveniently Holds 2 Pairs of Sunglasses — By Superior Essentials

Features: Store and access your Glasses and Shades neatly and safely, Securely Holds 2 Pairs of Glasses in Place- Glasses will Not Slip Out, Easy to use while On the Go- No Buttons or Moving parts Just slide in and out, Clips onto Sunvisor or Into Car Vent, Fits All Glasses and Sunglasses

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