Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel for Beach

Carrying a towel has always been a cumbersome thing with their bulky size and space requirements. Now, the things have changed and the people are moving to Microfiber towels. These dominate the older ones with few smart differences; these are quick drying, take up very less space, Microfiber towels are super absorber and these are antibacterial.

Quick Drying Microfiber Towels

Why give more space to traditional towels when you can save that with this Microfiber Towels. These are a must buy for people travelling to beach areas as quick drying allows to wear them comfortably.

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Microfiber Travel Towel XL 30×60″ with FREE Hand Towel – Fast Drying, Compact, Soft, Light, Antibacterial. For Backpacking, Camping, Beach, Gym, Swimming. Includes Carry Bag.

Features: Ideal for travelling, backpacking, camping, beach, gym, yoga, swimming.

List Price:$35.90
New From:$19.90 – $35.90
Variations: (Color):

Blue MarleNew from $21.90 USD
CharcoalNew from $21.90 USD
GreenNew from $21.90 USD
Grey MarleNew from $21.90 USD
Navy BlueNew from $21.90 USD
Orange SunriseNew from $21.90 USD
Pale PinkNew from $21.90 USD
Pale blueNew from $21.90 USD
PinkNew from $21.90 USD
Pink MarleNew from $21.90 USD
PurpleNew from $21.90 USD
Purple MarleNew from $21.90 USD
Sunshine YellowNew from $19.90 USD