Stick Wine Chiller Cum Aerator Pourer

Get rid of those bulky ice buckets things with this Wine Chiller Stick. This wine chiller is made of non-toxic steel that keeps your wine at optimum temperature for two hours. It is designed two act is Aerator too so that your wine breathes too. It allows perfect amount of oxygen to the wine bottle so that your wine always taste fresh. It also comes with a Pourer Spout easing the work.

Wine Chiller Stick

To use the Stick Ice Chiller, all we have to do is keep this stick in the freezer for minimum of 2 hours and we are done. It is a prefect gift for your loved ones and is a great travel utility for short term travelling or even long, if you have a portable freezer with you.

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Stone Cold Chill Wine Chiller 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Chilling Rod Stick, Aerator, Pourer Spout with Wine Accessories Box With Just Chill eBook, Best Iceless Wine Chiller Bottle Cooler

Features: 3 in 1 Wine Chiller Portable Iceless Wine Chillers are here! Plus the Just Chill eBook makes it simple. To use all you need to do is freeze the Stainless Steel wine chiller rod for a minimum of 2 hours up to 24 hours if you want., CHILLER: This wine aerator pourer actually chills! You can get rid of ice buckets with this non-toxic stainless steel wine chiller stick that has a chiller rod designed to cool your red wine and keep your chilled white wine both at the perfect optimum temperature for up to 2 hours., AERATOR: Built in wine spout aerator which helps your wine breathe by allowing just the right amount of oxygen into the bottle! It sends a nice aroma into the air and keeps your wine tasting fresh. Just like a decanter that helps keep wine fresh, this works in seconds. The Aerator makes your wine taste like you just opened the bottle., POURER SPOUT: Pour & Store! The wine chiller pourer has a BPA free Drip free Pouring spout to avoid spills., WINE ACCESSORIES AND GIFTS for women or men: This single wine chiller stick gift box was designed with you in mind. It is an all black box with pictures of the actual product and what it looks like.

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