Selfie Lens For iPhone/Mobiles

Now take the best Selfies with this 140 degree wide angle Low Distortion Selfie lens. Just clip it on your mobile’s camera and the selfie camera is ready to take your best shots. It’s 0.4x zoom makes it perfect for taking selfies and group photos. With specialized coating, the lens reflects most of the reflections that can distort images.

Easy Selfie Lens

The lens can be clipped on most of the phone and tablets and does not requires any power source for working. Now no need to carry the long cumbersome selfie stick.

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[PREMIUM LENS] SelfieMaster SM-501 Easy Selfie Lens | iPhone 6 6S 6 Plus Samsung Galaxy | Super Wide Angle, 140 degrees, 0.4X, Close Up, Macro, Camera, Detachable, Clip On

Features: 140º Super Wide Angle with Low Distortion, 0.4X Magnification makes it perfect for all selfies and groupies, No Vignetting (No Dark Corners), Low Reflection Coating Technology, Works with Most Smartphones and Tablets including all iPhones(including iPhone 6+), iPads, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Tablets, etc.

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