Roadpro 12V Frying Pan For Car

Ever felt to cook on the go? Isn't it a great thing that now one can even cook a few things inside the car!It's a wonderful thing that while returning home,you are frying a fish on the way and till you step into the home, the snacky is ready. 

12V Frying Pan For car

With this 12V Frying pan, one is able to do the cooking inside the car. It's a very useful thing that can be used as a utility anywhere; while returning home and you are late; in outdoors and camps or just to heat the things you've bought. The gadget is car safe and can be used inside the car. It is made from lightweight durable material and weighs just 1.1 pounds. It is not as fast as the traditional fry pans but take it as a utility that saves your time and enjoy fresh food in outdoors.


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Roadpro RPSL-335 12V Portable Frying Pan Frying Pan

Features: Manufactured to cook even inside the vehicle, Constructed with durable material, Ensures longevity, Can be powered from vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket, Ensures easy installation

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