Portable Weather Station by AcuRite

Do mobiles display correct information about weather all the time? Do they predict humidity and wind speed? The answer is confusing, but the truth is, ‘Not Seriously’. Mobiles are simply connected via internet and internet predicts weather through weather stations which take the data from far away satellites. So the predictions are generally not so strong.

WM4 Ambient Weather Station

In remote areas, the weather forecast is an important thing to keep your eyes on as it might help to not undergo some unwanted situation. The Ambient Weather Station WM4 does a nice job in giving correct information about the weather. It measures wind speed, direction, temperature, relative humidity, compass direction, calculates wind gust, wind chill and dew point. The unit is rugged and water resistant for optimal usage in trips and outdoors.

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Ambient Weather WM-4 Handheld Weather Station w/ Windspeed, Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Compass, Dew Point, Comfort Index, Psychrometer

Features: The Ambient Weather WM-4 is a comprehensive handheld weather station, directional compass, heat index monitor and psychrometer, all in one compact, portable, rugged package., The WM-4 measures wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity and compass direction, and calculates wind gust, dew point, wet bulb and dry bulb temperature, Delta T, wind chill and heat index., It has a USA-made fluxgate compass for precise digital wind direction measurement, and it can also be used to calculate crosswind & head/tail wind readings with the built in wind vane., The jack knife case design protects the unit, and allows you to hold the case while taking precise temperature measurements, avoiding false readings from your hand temperature.

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