Paratus Operator Backpack

Paratus Operator’s Tactical BackPack

Just with the first view, it looks like been made for extreme outdoors. This versatile backpack does a good job by enabling to detach deployment compartment to make it easy for long distance walking or hiking. The bag is been made with weather resistant 600D Nylon fabric and Extreme Duty Self Healing Coil Zippers with Paracord Pulls. There is a Velcro ID Panel with Included Removable VVV Gear Shield Rubber Morale Patch. … Read more

Maxpedition Falcon II

Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack

Maxpedition is among the very reputed names in the touring industry. The brand offers many utility baggage s for different purposes. This Falcon II backpack is one among them and offers a rugged and spacious layout and can be simply called a large backpack. It is designed to accommodate as many camping things without making a mess. It’s wide opening zip on main compartment lets you open the bag wide … Read more

Cree 3 in 1 Flashlight

3-in-1Cree Flashlight: $20

A must have product in your travel kit. Flashlights are the base for every travel kit and with the modern technology, they have gotten much smaller and handy with powerful options. Cree is a brand specialized in flashlights. This 3 in 1 flash light gives the option of using it in 3 ways; first as a simple high beam torch; second as an emergency light with a magnetic base that … Read more

Kozy Hand Warmer

Kozy Hand Warmer/Power Bank/USB Charger and LED: $43

A perfect and portable mini device for cold weathers. This Kozy hand warmer helps you stop shivering in cold weather. It comes with 3 powerful built-in 7800 mAH batteries and provides heat for upto 10 hours. Rechargeable hand warmers are perfect gadget for travel enthusiasts. Many sports athletes like runners and skiers love them, as do spectators of sporting events! These are also perfect for people with poor blood circulation. … Read more

Coleman Wearable Sunglasses

Polarised Sunglasses With HD1080 Camera

Wouldn’t it be easy and comfortable if you don’t have to hold the camera and the camera simply records actually what you see. This gadget is supposed to be your great companion by easing your work. Coleman Vision HD G3HD-SUN 1080p weatherproof sunglasses will let you capture moments and actions from your point of view and simply you don’t have to hold it, rather you just have to wear it. … Read more

Krralinlin Capri

Krralinlin Multi-pocket Men’s Capri

A perfect wear for travel geeks who love to look smart on the go, and you have to as photographs and videos are most of the time there to capture you in any form. This Capri maintains it’s uniqueness with the use of smart utility pockets placed at perfect places so that you won’t look bulgy and unorganized as in many others available. This Capri is available in 6-7 colors … Read more

Diver MP3 Player

Water Proof MP3 Player

Music is the essence of life and no one could ignore that. When we need energy, we listen to some energy songs; when we are calm, we listen to some pleasant music; when our mood is upset, we can listen to sad songs. So for every mood there will always be some kind of music. While on the go, we can’t just suck our mobile batteries. There should be some … Read more

Multi Function Compass

Multi-function Compass

Often we are lost in the direction as where to go when travelling to outskirts and remote areas. What can we do in such a situation? Well, if you know about the direction as which side to go then you are simply safe or else one can walk through a single direction as somewhere it will lead to exit. This all can be done with the help of a compass … Read more

Waterproof Matchsticks

Windproof Waterproof Matchsticks

Matchsticks can be called a very useful small thing that applies itself everywhere. On the Go, we need them to cook, to start fire in winters, to avoid animals and much more. What if these match sticks become windproof and waterproof so that you can light them up in any weather. This small utility has helped many campers and it continues to do so. These matchsticks come with in a … Read more