Multi-function Compass

Often we are lost in the direction as where to go when travelling to outskirts and remote areas. What can we do in such a situation? Well, if you know about the direction as which side to go then you are simply safe or else one can walk through a single direction as somewhere it will lead to exit. This all can be done with the help of a compass which eases to find the direction.

Multi Function Compass

This Multi-function compass is multi-utility tool that cases itself with few other utilities. It is a must have item in your survival-kit. It includes compass, LED light, fire starter, ruler, whistle, temperature meter, humidity meter, magnifying glass, leveler and reflector, total of ten items in one pack. The cost is merely $17.99. This product is sold by Amazon which is a quality product so don’t be fooled by similar cheap range items.

BladesUSA AS-003 Multi-Function Compass

Features: 3.25-Inch overall, survival kit features: compass, fire starter, ruler, whistler, LED light, temperature meter, humidity meter, magnifying glass, metal plate reflector, and leveler

List Price:$9.00 USD
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