Mobile Thermometer

A small utility device to sense the temperature anywhere without network. This is a simple handy device for travel enthusiasts travelling frequently to  remote areas were network is not accessible. It also gives us the second option for measuring temperature so that we can compare with our weather stations. Most of the time, the weather apps are not correct as they are collecting the data globally.

Mobile Thermometer

This small device comes with free companion app to measure temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It comes with a tough made aluminum body treated with scratch resistant coating. Just plug in this device into the audio jack of your mobile device and start observing. This small device is compatible with Android and iPhone.


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Thermodo Black – Thermometer for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android compatible)

Features: Supports Android phone and tablet, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Plugs into your device’s headphone jack., Use free companion app to measure the temperature anywhere. Fahrenheit or celsius., Store your previous measurements and show them on the map., Designed to be handy, tiny, portable, lightweight, durable, reliable. Carry it around with your keys., Machined aluminium body and automotive grade paint with a scratch resistant surface treatment.

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