Kozy Hand Warmer/Power Bank/USB Charger and LED: $43

A perfect and portable mini device for cold weathers. This Kozy hand warmer helps you stop shivering in cold weather. It comes with 3 powerful built-in 7800 mAH batteries and provides heat for upto 10 hours.

Kozy Hand Warmer

Rechargeable hand warmers are perfect gadget for travel enthusiasts. Many sports athletes like runners and skiers love them, as do spectators of sporting events! These are also perfect for people with poor blood circulation. It comes packed with other bonus options of Powerbank, USB charger and LED light which makes it a perfect gadget on the move.


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Kozy 7800mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer with Warmer Pouch, USB Charger/Power Bank, LED Flashlight and Emergency SOS

Features: Powerful – 7800mAh Lithium Batteries for reliable, long lasting warmth – rechargeable over 500 times, Consistent – Aluminum Casing provides consistent, soothing heat on all sides, Adjustable – 2 temperature settings for adjustable, comfortable warmth, BONUS – Free Warmer Pouch designed to enhance warmth in extreme cold conditions, Special Features: Power Bank / Charger for mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players, & other devices. AND a bright LED Flashlight & Emergency SOS Strobe Light

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