Julbo Mountain Sunglasses For Sports Enthusiasts

Sunglasses are must for every type of adventure to take care of your precious eyes. Still, the dust makes its way to tease us. Sometimes, the sunglasses themselves are responsible as they don’t stick well while doing sports activities.

Julbo Sherpa Sports Sunglasses

Julbo is a reputed name in making sports sunglasses that are handcrafted to stick perfect to their purpose. Julbo Sherpa is one such product by the brand which has been protecting the mountaineers from long since. The temples that hold the ears are curved to hold the sunglasses in every condition. They can be adjusted too. Their are breathable and removable leather side shields that protects from unwanted dust entering from sideways. It comes with Spectron 3+ lenses which are great clarity. For $33, they are a great deal even if you are not touring and live in an area were dust and storms are prone.

Julbo Sherpa Sports Sunglasses Sides

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Julbo Sherpa – Spectron 3+ Lens

Features: The Sherpa is a lightweight, classic mountaineering glass at a great price. Curved, wrapping temples are shaped and cut for better hold with sharp and repeated movement. The leather covers (side shields) are a symbol of glacier sunglasses and have protected generations of mountain enthusiasts., The Spectron 3+ lens is a poly-carbonate lens that blocks 88% of the visible light. Lightweight but with excellent shock resistance, this versatile lens is suitable for all types of activities. The flash treatment improves visible light filtering with a mirror effect on the lenses., The flash treatment improves visible light filtering with a mirror effect on the lenses. Like all Julbo lenses, the Spectron 3+ lenses are optical category 1., 100 % A,B,C UV Protection, Protective Case included

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