Heated Seats Add On For Winter Drivers

What would be more comfortable other than getting heat on the body in shivering colds in your koo koo car. Making your body comfortable in a non-comfortable zone is one most desirable feeling of anyone.

Premium Heated Seat Kits

If your car is not having heated seats feature, than don’t feel upset about it. It is merely a $79 equipment that will let you have that luxury feature and that to without being cumbersome installation. Premium Heated Seats come with a 5 year warranty and comes with a universal fit. Just cut it according to your seats shape and install by the instruction provided. The package comes for 2 seats and is for both back and thighs. The button can be stuck on the side of seats.

Happy Heating!!

Water Carbon 12V Premium Heated Seat Kits for Two Seats Universal, Electronic Equipment, Dual Settings

Features: 3 year warranty for the heat pads, 1 year warranty for the electric parts, Quick heat-up time – fits all seats – car, SUV, truck, RV, boat, Universal fit on any 12 V DC system on leather, vinyl or cloth seats, bi-color illuminated 13/16″ (21mm) round switch

List Price:$63.99 USD
New From:$63.49 USD In Stock