Fix A Flat Tire (Large) With A Button

Ever stuck on the highway with a flat tire? It’s a big havoc having a flat tire in the mid way and no mechanics around. What’s more dangerous is not having a spare tire at that time. This Fix A Flat tire inflater works like magic.

Fix A Flat Tire (Large)

With a push of a button, this genius sends the sealant and air into the tire and re-inflates a large tire in an average time of 7 minutes. It includes a powerful 12v inflater and a gauge for exact tire pressures. A very useful companion for people who do their journeys by a car.

(Note: Sealant has to be brought separately and it’s a refillable thing)

Also see for small tire inflater can for smaller tires.

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Fix-A-Flat S50073 Ultimate 1-Step Tire Repair Kit

Features: Provides 100 percent inflation in one simple step, Sealant and air are sent into the flat tire at the push of a button, Repairs and reinflates large tires in 7 minutes, Includes powerful reusable 12 Volt inflator with built-in gauge, Works on all vehicles

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