Easy Portable Toilet

Ever stuck in camps for emptying your stomach. If yes, then this might be the travel utility you will surely like. This is a portable toilet that sets up in merely 3 seconds and can hold weight of around 500lbs of a person sitting on it.

Portable Toilet

Leave no trace behind with this wonderful fold able toilet seat that can just be carried as a briefcase. A removable mesh holder supports the waste-collection bag, and the biodegradable bag uses eco-friendly powder to turn liquid waste into an odourless solid. A packet of waste collection bag is provided along with and more can be purchased separately.

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Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

Features: EASY. Sets up in seconds with 3 locking legs; no assembly required, COMPACT and PORTABLE. Folds to briefcase size for easy storage. Built-in carry handle., STRONG. Suuports 500 lbs. Locking 3-leg design for stability on unevan terrain. Removable cover doubles as ground support., COMFORTABLE. Seat and bowl size dimensions of a standard toilet., SANITARY. Mesh holder prevents waste kit from slipping. Patented drip edge under seats prevents bag contact with waste.

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