Compact MakeUp Mirror + Battery Charger For Her

Perfect gift for someher who loves to travel or is always out for work. This small utility works very well for girls especially who are mostly outdoors. Battery charger is now a required thing for every traveller and it’s a bonus if it does more than alone charging the battery.

Pearl Charger Vanity Mirror

This USB charger cum Makeup mirror carries a 3000mAH battery which is adequate for charging normally every mobile or iPhone. It has a fast charging 2.1 USB port that does it’s job quickly.

Pearl Vanity Mirror Cum Charger

Talking about the Vanity part, the Pearl contains 2 mirrors, one is normal and another is 3X magnified for closer views. To allow makeup in the darkup, pearl comes with bright LED ring around the magnified glass.

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Pearl Compact Mirror USB Rechargeable Battery Pack, Light Up Personal Makeup Mirror with a 3000mAh Battery and 2.1 Amp USB Port (Red)

Features: 2 mirrors (normal & 3X magnified). 3000mAh lithium polymer battery., Bright LED vanity ring light around magnified mirror to allow makeup in the dark, Fast charging 2.1A USB port that charges iPhone, iPad, Android or any USB device, Pearl itself is rechargeable via micro USB. 4 stage LED battery level indicator., Comes with a color matching Pearl carry case with separate compartment for cables.

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