DSLR Spy Lens 2

Angle Spy Lens For DSLR Camera

Ever had a situation when you were unable to take snaps from your camera directly? There are sometimes when you have to take some spy shots, like focusing on front side and taking shots of some other side. This happens a lot on beaches (I hope you’ve got what I want to say), markets and more at public places. For this purpose, there is a camera gadget called Right Angle … Read more

FlipBac ViewFinder 2

FlipBac Camera ViewFinder Cum Screen Protector

Sometimes, it’s a must to take shots from waistline or ground level to capture the image perfectly and at that point, it becomes difficult to see the view from the viewfinder or the LCD provided. For that situation, FlipBac has introduced a ViewFinder that attaches itself to the camera LCD and allows to take the pictures from odd angles. It flexes to more that 180 degrees in both landscape and … Read more

Waterproof Solar Lantern

Waterproof, Rechargeable Solar Lantern

Solar Lantern, feel of some old time with technology of current. This Solar Lantern is power-packed to be a great travel utility in camping and travelling. The light has three modes: Low, High and Blink. This lantern is waterproof and so it can be taken while boating, surfing, fishing or camping. It can also store the valuables like mobile, cameras etc in its waterproof shell. It simply floats above water … Read more

Wine Chiller Stick

Stick Wine Chiller Cum Aerator Pourer

Get rid of those bulky ice buckets things with this Wine Chiller Stick. This wine chiller is made of non-toxic steel that keeps your wine at optimum temperature for two hours. It is designed two act is Aerator too so that your wine breathes too. It allows perfect amount of oxygen to the wine bottle so that your wine always taste fresh. It also comes with a Pourer Spout easing … Read more

Hennessy Explorer Tree Tent Hammock 2

Stay Safe During Rains With Tree Tents

‘Adventures can always be more adventurous’, this line is always applicable if one is eager of finding new ways of doing the old things.One such example is Tree Tents, that hangs simply as hammocks with some more strength and we stay inside them during night. It keeps us safe from rains that wets the land and moreover, we are more safe at height from reptiles and other jungle elements. The … Read more

Portable Air Conditioner

12V Portable Air Conditioner

For campers this air-conditioner can be a blessing if they are travelling in humid climates. The camps are simply made of plastic or polyester sheets which at max can reflect the sunlight. If the temperatures are high at night, one would simply be not able to take rest which result in dull camping activities. Sleep deprived camping can be boring, dull and moreover a failure. If you have some budget, … Read more

Portable Toilet

Easy Portable Toilet

Ever stuck in camps for emptying your stomach. If yes, then this might be the travel utility you will surely like. This is a portable toilet that sets up in merely 3 seconds and can hold weight of around 500lbs of a person sitting on it. Leave no trace behind with this wonderful fold able toilet seat that can just be carried as a briefcase. A removable mesh holder supports the … Read more

Slek'bag 4g Sleeping Bag

4G Sleeping Bag by Selk’bag

Sleeping in an own traditional Sleeping bags feels sometimes outdated. Selk’bag has brought us a new fourth generation Travel Gear which won’t let you get out of your bag while it will still allow to do some normal activities like play cards, cook, play around the camp and more. The Selk’bag 4g is the latest edition of it’s body shaped sleeping bags which are in trend now. These are comfortable … Read more