3-in-1Cree Flashlight: $20

A must have product in your travel kit. Flashlights are the base for every travel kit and with the modern technology, they have gotten much smaller and handy with powerful options. Cree is a brand specialized in flashlights. This 3 in 1 flash light gives the option of using it in 3 ways; first as a simple high beam torch; second as an emergency light with a magnetic base that can be stuck anywhere; thirdly as a flashing red LED.

Cree 3 in 1 Flashlight

The LEDs life span is of 100,000 hours which is quite great. It works with 3 AAA batteries which are not included in package. The body is water resistant anodized that protects it from many weather conditions.

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Premium Quality Bright LED Tactical Torch Flashlight With Built-In Rechargeable Battery – 3 Modes – Adjustable Focus Zoom Lens – Excellent For Hiking, Camping, Blackouts & Emergencies

Features: BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: This emergency self-powered LED flashlight with built-in rechargeable battery is a must for every household. Its weather-resistant, anodized aluminum alloy body combined with its extremely powerful 3 different light modes can be proven very useful in numerous occasions!, EASY TO USE, EASY TO CHARGE: You simply click the button to switch between our 5 different modes that include high, medium, strobe function, or light tap button to switch them quickly!, Easy Operation: Either click button to switch modes, OR Light tap button to switch modes quickly!, Bulbs can last for more than 100,000 hours. UNIQUE VERSATILITY: This multifunctional survival tool is way more practical than your simple flashlight; its lens can zoom almost anywhere and with the added feature of the built-in battery, UPGRADED PACKAGE WITH LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We have worked hard to offer you the best tactical torch flashlight your money can buy. And, just to be certain that your purchase is risk-free, it’s also covered by Limited Lifetime Guarantee!

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