12V Portable Air Conditioner

For campers this air-conditioner can be a blessing if they are travelling in humid climates. The camps are simply made of plastic or polyester sheets which at max can reflect the sunlight. If the temperatures are high at night, one would simply be not able to take rest which result in dull camping activities. Sleep deprived camping can be boring, dull and moreover a failure. If you have some budget, this small travel utility can simply make your camping activity comfortable.

Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air-conditioner simply works by adding Ice and water and then simply plug it in a 12V socket (any car or battery) and you are done. This will give cool airflow to your tent. Weight 14lbs without ice and once fully charged with ice can work upto 4-5 hours.

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Ice’nplug 12V Portable Air Conditioner

Features: Just add Ice + Water + Plug it in = COLD AIRFLOW !, The most affordable, easy to use and reliable A/C in the market., Ideal for; Autos, Aircrafts, truck cabins, Boat cabins, Sailboat cabins, Campers, Camping tents, Hunting cabins, Pet cooler, Small rooms, Office, power outages and any other use you can think of !, Temperature can change as much as 35F, between inner and outer temps., This unit is completely self-contained. Great as a spot cooler while working in your garage !

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